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Web site & mobile site

  • Display or edit your application / web site from any computer or smartphone 
  • Automatic detection of web or mobile browser, automatic redirection to the web or mobile display. 
  • Publish a blog / website  (public report)
  • Customize your web site / blog : logo, images, colors, menu style
  • Create the menu of your web site, select icons, links, style
  • Online simple style editor
  • Send your blog as a newsletter
  • Manage RSS news feeds with quick preview, and create your own RSS feed with one click ! (can be same data as blog or newsletter)
  • Automatic creation of the QR Code of your Mobile web site / app.
  • Add a Google Map
  • Displays a calendar or Google calendar
  • The visitors of your web site will be able to search your web site with keywords
  • Create a contact form or more complex forms
  • Manage photos albums and slideshows

Database CRUD

sqlite database crud


 Database CRUD : Create a form / table and edit with ease ! 

With no programming you create your form, you can Create, Read Update Delete the data.

 For example you create an order form, you get the orders, you can edit them with ease.




Emailing, newsletter

Emailing, Newsletter

  • Contacts
  • Subscriptions, unsubscriptions
  • Simple HTML editor
  • Multiple contact lists and newsletters (categories)
  • Automatic conversion to plain text if needed
  • Automatic conversion to RSS feed
  • Online page with your news
  • Anti spam technology


multilingual application

Manage any list as multilingual, for example web page, product description, any field or any list.

File Manager

File manager

  • Save and share your files with ease
  • Upload file, drag and drop
  • Manager folders
  • Create text, html or documents (odt) files
  • Edit online text (.txt), html bloc, HTML document or Word document (.odt)
  • Delete, move, duplicate files.
  • Import data from Excel files, (.xlsx, .ods, .tsv), and data mapping to existing lists

Image gallery

Image gallery

  • Upload images, drag and drop
  • Sort images in folders
  • Create and edit svg graphics
  • Create albums
  • Create slideshows with albums

Image editor

online image edtor

Images in your image gallery can be edited online :

  • Rotate
  • Image resize, and auto image resize for too large images
  • Crop images
  • Works with .Jpg, .png and .gif images
  • See also image gallery, svg editor, image albums, image slideshows

Special components

We already propose these special components :

  • Slideshows based on any photo album
  • Calendars and google calendars
  • Google map based on a list of adresses
  • KANBAN (visual display of tasks) in addition to lists of tasks & projects.
  • Chart XY and more charts to come
  • RSS : add any RSS link and it will display the news properly on page (you can also export your news and RSS)
  • Point Of Sale : Simplified input to take orders : for example in a cafe, restaurant or shop.
  • Reservation Planning : For example you can use this component to display visually the occupation of hotel rooms to make easy reservation planning .

And more to come with demands from customers.

Generate documents

merge addresses with labels for printingFrom any list , like a list of invoices, orders, or quotations, appli.pro can generate documents : PDF, word (.odt), HTML documents that look like a word document. 

For example invoices . will be stored in a folder /invoices/2017/

These generated documents can send by sent by email as attached files or as links.

Generated documents can also use a template if you want to have a custom design : word (.odt), or HTML documents will be generated using theses templates : for example the field {name] will be replace by customer name.


Social Media

With the Twitter component you can display any Twitter feed as a web page , and integrate it easily in your web site.

You can add Facebook and Twitter like and share buttons easily.

You can integrate Youtube and Odysee video with one click in our HTML editor.

More to come, ask us your needs !

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