Leadership Preferences



This leadership instrument consists of a one page easy-to-use summary of a person’s leadership strengths based on self-assessment of relational-centred, ideas-driven, process-focused and action-oriented leadership styles.  Each style is broken down into two lines of five competencies, giving 8 dimensions and 40 competencies in all that form a composite set of project leadership skills.




An individual’s style of leadership governs how they relate to others when in leadership situations.  As leaders we have preferences for certain styles, in certain situations and we strive to adapt and to develop our style in terms of the changes in the situation and the needs of the moment.  

Becoming aware of your own leadership preferences  helps  you to upon the most suitable approach to adopt, according to the challenges and the opportunities, and the expectations, hopes and aspirations of the people that you will lead.


This leadership instrument is based upon an all-round summary in eight dimensions:

  • Relational intelligence and people facilitation
  • Change management and constructive communication
  • Creative integration and strategic positioning
  • Clarity of orientation and resolute persistence

The art of leadership is about developing the best possible balance for the situation and the moment.  


Metanaction.com : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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